AHA Lëtzebuerg organises a webinar with Kato MUKASA, Ugandan lawyer and co-founder of the Ugandan Humanist Assocation about "Organized Humanism in Africa: Status & Hope" on 28/02/2022 at 6:30PM (CET)

In this talk, held in English, Kato MUSAKA will be drawing from two of his more recent books: The God Business and the Death of Reason in Africa (2021), and: Modern Humanism, and How to make it work for the People. He will explore the history of religion in Africa, both traditional religions and those imported by colonists, and the effect that religion has had on the lives and the thinking of people in Uganda and further afield throughout Africa. Kato will also talk about his view of practical Humanism, how it should not be restricted to conferences and lecture theatres but be taken to the grassroots where it can be seen in action. Modern Humanism is more concerned with activism and there are several ways through which Humanism can be made more relevant.

More information about the webinar here.