Please join us on 3rd December at 6:30 PM for a webinar where Sina Nasiri will tell us what it means to be an atheist in Iran and more generally in the Middle East. Hear his story of how he had to flee from Iran because he is an atheist and how he risked the death penalty after being accused of blasphemy.

He will tell us why it's really important that more and more people stand up for their non-believe in god(s) in his home country, to make atheism more normal and acceptable in society. "Atheists need to seek ways to become more visible. Increasing the visibility of atheists will assist to make their presence the norm and consequently increase tolerance towards them, particularly in Muslim communities."
He will also invite us to be vocal about our atheism to show the world, that atheists are nice and kind people, to normalize the fact that some humans do not believe in god(s).


A conversation with Sina Nasiri on “Atheism in Iran”